Want Your Books Neatly Stacked In One Place? Get A Bookshelf

A bookshelf helps you keep your books in an organized manner. You can also use the shelves to display your decorative items

Aindrisha Mitra Published Jul 22, 2020 18:11:35 IST
Want Your Books Neatly Stacked In One Place? Get A Bookshelf Photo: Shutterstock

You have books lying all around the house? Or, you like reading and want to have a small space where you can stack your favourite books? A bookshelf is what you need.

Besides giving your room a clutter-free look, a bookshelf lets you place the books in a way you find them easy to access—non-fiction in one shelf, fiction in another, may be. Here are some features you must consider while choosing a bookshelf for your home:  

Size matters

Choose a piece of furniture that does not make your room look cramped. Take into account the height of the ceiling to decide on how tall a bookshelf you need. If you have a big room, you can go for a wider but shorter bookshelf—you can use the top of the shelf to place decorative items, plants or stationary.   

Choose the right material

If you like all things classic, a wooden bookshelf would make for a great choice. With a wooden shelf, you don’t have to worry if heavy books will bring the structure down.

Those looking for a cost-effective option can consider a bookshelf made of particle board—however, it may not be as sturdy as a wooden shelf so be mindful of how much weight you place on it. You can also go for a wooden shelf with a metal frame or a metal bookshelf that is sturdy and stylish.  

Which design to pick

If space is a constraint, a wall-mounted bookshelf will save you floor area. A leaning bookshelf with a study table can also help you save a lot of space. Corner bookshelf is another option for smaller rooms.

If you want a bookshelf where you can place some decorative items too, you can consider a cube bookshelf. With smaller square-shaped shelves, a cube bookshelf gives you more compartments to stack your books as well as items you wish to display.

If regular is your thing, a standard bookshelf with three-four shelves of equal size and placed vertically would suffice. For those looking for floor-to-ceiling shelves to fill an entire wall with may be some space in the middle for a television, you need to discuss the customization with a carpenter. 

Other features to consider

If you want flexibility, a bookshelf with adjustable shelves will be able to meet your requirement—you can adjust the height depending on the height of the book. You can also go for a bookshelf with wheels so that you can move it around when needed.

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