Use A Squeezer To Enjoy Fresh Juices At Home

Highly functional and easy to use, squeezers can help you make fresh juice in no time

Aindrisha Mitra Published Oct 6, 2020 11:18:46 IST
Use A Squeezer To Enjoy Fresh Juices At Home Photo: Shutterstock

Want to sip on some fresh homemade lemonade? Get a squeezer to extract juice from lemons, oranges, grapes or other citrus fruits.  

A squeezer is a useful kitchen utensil, designed in such a way that you can separate the pulp and squeeze it to the last drop. It’s fairly simple to operate as well: All you need to do is cut the fruit into half and put it into the squeezer with the cut side upside down, and press the handles.

Kinds of squeezers  

Squeezers are usually made of plastic, glass, wood or metal. Each variant comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The first lemon squeezer, though, may have been a ceramic one, invented in Turkey, sometime during the 18th century.

The years and decades thereafter saw a number of complicated patents for the device. However, today, the most popular styles include handheld ones, tabletops that operate on the principle of a lever, reamers and electric squeezers.

Whatever your choice, ensure that you get the maximum amount of juice for minimum effort. Other factors to keep in mind are whether the flavour of the fruit is retained or not and if the squeezer leaves behind a mess. 

Reamers and electric juicers 

A reamer comes with a spiked, conical head and a cylindrical handle. You need to dig it into the fruit and twist it to extract the juice. 

Electric juicers or squeezers are handy and useful, but you should use them only when you have a large batch of fruits to squeeze. For smaller quantities, they are quite impractical. Keep in mind their prices too, as they are more expensive than the other options. 

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