Stop Bugs From Pestering Your Life By Following These Tips

Easy pest control at home to keep uninvited guests away

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Jun 15, 2020 21:10:40 IST
Stop Bugs From Pestering Your Life By Following These Tips Photo: Shutterstock

A change of season inevitably invites an army of cockroaches, spiders, ants, termites and other bugs that can make your life a living hell. Some of them can also turn out to be quite harmful, spreading germs and diseases. So, it’s better to control the infestation of these creepy-crawlies before it’s too late. 

While people tend to avail of a pest-control service where chemicals are used, here are a few simple tips that can help you get rid of the menace yourself:

Keep the house clean

Pests thrive in places that are dirty and damp. Clean the floors and tiles in your house regularly to prevent their infestation.

You should also closely guard kitchen spaces where food is prepared. Wipe surfaces such as kitchen counters, racks, stove tops and drawers with a disinfectant to ensure they stay pest-free.

The other area that you need to keep clean and tidy is the bathroom. Sinks and commodes should be washed and kept dry to prevent dampness and potential pest troubles.

Do not allow water to stagnate

Do not let water stand still anywhere in and around the house. Make sure the drains are not clogged as these serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes which can spread diseases such as dengue and malaria. If you have an air conditioner in your house that releases water on use, don’t collect the water. Fix a pipe or an outlet for the water to be eliminated.

Dispose garbage regularly

Disposing garbage daily is the best way to keep the house clean. If allowed to accumulate, garbage attracts rodents, cockroaches, flies and several other pests.

Food particles, vegetable peels and other scraps perish quite fast. So, it is essential to get rid of the degradable waste before it decomposes and attracts insects and other pests.

Prune your garden plants

If you have a lawn or garden full of trees, chances are that pests will have made their nesting ground there. Make sure that the lawn is mowed and the shrubs and other plants pruned at least once in a month to avoid unwanted pests from gathering. Also make sure there are no pits or holes that can hold water. Be especially careful if you have a pond, water fountain or any water body which might shelter mosquitoes and other pests.

Fix nets to cover windows

This is perhaps the most effective way to keep houseflies, mosquitoes and other insects from entering. As a side effect, by keeping them away from your house, the nets can also indirectly prevent reptilian predators like lizards from proliferating in your home.

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