Sinking In A Recliner Is The Perfect Way To Unwind After A Hard Day Of Work

These handy tips will help you buy the right recliner sofa or chair to relax at home in style

Mohini Mehrotra Published Jun 24, 2020 21:32:46 IST
Sinking In A Recliner Is The Perfect Way To Unwind After A Hard Day Of Work Photo: Shutterstock

A recliner is the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day. You can just sink into it and watch your favourite movie or snuggle up to your pooch. This comfortable and versatile furniture, which is extremely popular abroad, is claiming its rightful space in modern Indian homes now. Available in variety of shapes and sizes and offering different features, recliners also differ in terms of quality, construction and fabric used. Here are easy tips to help you find the best fit for your home.

Choose the right size and style

You can choose from a variety of recliners— from electronic and massage recliners to manual rock recliners and push-back recliners—to suit your needs. First thing to consider is how much space you have to comfortably fit in a recliner, without the furniture hitting a wall or coming in the way of things. Depending on the space available, choose a shape and style that’s best suited to your needs.

1. Wall-hugger or wall-saver recliners are quite compact and take up less space as they only require about 6-inches from the wall to the chair. They are more upright so it is easier to get up. These recliners are better suited for smaller spaces.

2. Massage recliners can be reclined or lifted depending on your need. You can just sit back and relax as the recliner gives you a nice massage. While some chairs only have simple vibrating elements, others (more expensive options) can mimic a human massage. Some massage recliners also offer heating function.

3. Motorised recliners or risers push the chair up from its base, making it easier for you to get up from the seat. These come in a host of shapes and sizes to accommodate all body types and are especially useful for people with injuries or disabilities who need assistance with sitting and standing. However, they do take up a lot of space so consider that before purchasing one.

4. Rocker recliners offer several reclining angles, giving you the option to settle in for one that is most comfortable for you. These are more versatile and comfortable too.

5. A popular choice, push-back recliners or flex-back recliner require you to only push the seat back for the chair to recline. They don’t have a built-in footrest and the back is the only part of the chair that moves. Due to this, they take up less space than rocker recliners.

Other things to consider

Comfort first: We all associate a recliner with comfort so don’t go light on that one. Make sure you choose one that offers decent padding and proper lumbar and neck support so that you maintain the correct posture and don’t end up with body aches and spine issues. If you have an orthopaedic condition, go for a recliner that’s specially designed to provide support.

Fabric wise: When it comes to recliners, one size does not fit all. You need to make sure your recliner is not only the right size and style but also made of the right material and has the right finish so that it gels well with your home décor and lasts you a couple of seasons. From leather to leatherette and suede, there are a lot of options to choose from. Since you won’t be replacing your recliner soon, it’s important you pick the right colour and fabric. For example, a light-coloured fabric will need frequent dry cleaning or may need to be changed after a few seasons. Stick to durable material and easy-to-maintain fabric when choosing one. 

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