Serve A Scoop Of This Frozen Treat To Make Hearts Melt

These swirly delights could be easily made at home with frozen dessert makers

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Jun 3, 2020 21:43:05 IST
Serve A Scoop Of This Frozen Treat To Make Hearts Melt Photo: Shutterstock

Are you looking for something other than ice-creams and sundaes to satisfy your dessert cravings? Frozen yogurts may just be the thing you are seeking, after all.

How are frozen yogurts made?

Frozen yogurts are made by mixing milk and water and then pasteurizing it. It is then heated to a high temperature. Yogurt culture is added to thicken it and then allowed to rest for a few hours before it is finally frozen. It can further be treated with stabilizers and flavourings to enhance the product’s quality and taste.

Frozen desserts can be made easily at home too. You can blend in milk and the ingredients you want for flavour without adding extra sugar and the additives which are often found in market products. For a naturally sweet and pleasant taste, you can also try using condensed milk.


Health benefits of frozen yoghurts

Frozen yoghurts are low in fat, but may have a high calorie count if sugar, sweeteners and other additives are present. It’s therefore advisable to settle for one without sugar and additives that has a low to medium calorie-level.

Frozen yogurts also have a low level of lactose, compared to milk and other dairy products. It’s easy to digest too, as the bacteria help break down whatever lactose may be present.

Frozen yogurts can also be beneficial for your bones. Its calcium content ensures that the bones grow stronger and can support the body better.


How to have frozen yogurts?

Frozen yogurts are available in cones and cups and can be served with a generous topping of fruits, cookies, syrups or chocolate chips. They can also be added to smoothies and shakes for a richer taste.

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