Secure Your Prized Possessions With These Smart Lockers

They safeguard your tangible and intangible assets 

Aindrisha Mitra Published Sep 15, 2020 14:24:32 IST
Secure Your Prized Possessions With These Smart Lockers

You wouldn’t always bank on an almirah or a cupboard to keep your valuables safe, either at home or in the office, in this day and age. To provide adequate, much-needed security, smart storage lockers can come to your rescue. 

Specialized cabinets and heavy-duty lockers have long been in use, but they are increasingly being replaced by smart solutions such as digital or keyless lockers. Smart lockers which come with enhanced safety measures are a relatively affordable option. Many of these lockers offer digital tracking services. They are also quite efficient as you can store your assets in a relatively smaller space; besides, they are very easy to operate. 

Normal storage solutions 

Day-use lockers are commonly used storage units where you can safekeep your stuff without running the risk of the contents being stolen. These lockers come in steel, wood or laminate variants and can store bags and purses with ease. There are other variants that are keyless and use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to operate.

When it comes to storage and security solutions at home, electronic lockers with a 4-digit passcode facility should suffice. Many of these lockers also come with a sensor that sets an alarm off whenever someone tries to break into the device, thus warning you of a possible theft or burglary.  

Digital storage: the way forward

Data is the new oil. Therefore, it is imperative to protect intangible data and personal information as you would your personal possessions such as money or jewellery. And this is exactly where digital lockers provide a vital intervention. In India, for instance, the government’s digital locker facility called DigiLocker is an online storage system where people can safely store scans and copies of physical documents ranging from birth certificates to driving licenses and more. It also allows people on the go to access these documents from anywhere. 

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