Planning To Buy A Camping Tent? You Must Consider These Five Factors

The sheer variety may leave you confused, but you can make an informed choice

V. Kumara Swamy Published Oct 23, 2020 14:09:00 IST
Planning To Buy A Camping Tent? You Must Consider These Five Factors Photo: Shutterstock

Camping outdoors can be a fun activity, whether you are doing it alone, with family or friends. And, one of the essentials for camping is the tent. Here are five things you must keep in mind while choosing a tent: 

1. Size of the tent: You may have to think long-term here as a camping tent is a one-time purchase. The capacity of the tent is based on how many standard sleeping bags it can fit comfortably. You can go for a single-person tent if you plan to always camp alone, but if you see yourself sharing it with others, you should choose a tent that has a capacity greater than the number of people who will actually use it. For instance, if you plan to buy a tent for three people, choose one that can accommodate five. 

2. Shape of the tent: You will find tents in all shapes and sizes. Some of the basic designs are dome, cabin and A-frame. Decide on the shape depending on the number of people you want to accommodate, their comfort level, how tall the campers are, etc. While dome tents are fairly easy to set-up, there are instant tents and pop-up tents available in the market too. 

3. Fabric matters: While tents made of canvas are waterproof, they tend to become bulky when they absorb water. On the other hand, tents made of nylon and polyester are lighter but are more prone to wear and tear when exposed to sun. Along with the tent, also pay attention to the quality of poles and the zippers. The zippers should work smoothly, not rust, and secure your tent. 

4. Ease of use: Unpacking and setting up a tent can be a cumbersome affair. So, go for one that is easy to set-up, dismantle and pack. If you are new to camping, you may want to practice this routine a few times before you actually go on an excursion. 

5. Tents for seasons: Whether you want to buy a summer tent or an all-season tent depends on the number of times you go camping in a year. If you are a regular camper and are not dampened by the season change, 4-season tents would be ideal for you. These tents can withstand strong winds, snow, and storms at high altitude. If you are an occasional camper, a  three-season tent should meet your requirements.

Happy camping!

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