Manage Your Waste To Save The Environment

From segregating to processing, waste management has multiple benefits

Aindrisha Mitra Published Jun 20, 2020 18:56:24 IST
Manage Your Waste To Save The Environment Photo: Shutterstock

Be it paints, chemicals, bulbs, batteries or strips of old medicines, modern households generate a lot of waste. It’s essential, therefore, to know how to manage and dispose it properly.

Here are a few pointers on how you can effectively manage waste and also cut down on their production:

Segregate your waste

It’s always useful to cultivate a habit of segregating the waste produced in your household. Separate the garbage into organic and inorganic and put them in different bins. Mark them separately so that you don’t get confused about what to throw in which bin.

Compost your kitchen waste

This is an eco-friendly waste-management technique that helps you prepare rich compost which can be used in your garden. Buy a good composting bin for processing the organic waste, as unprocessed waste can contaminate the soil and reduce its fertility.

Replace plastic with cloth bags

Carry recyclable bags made from cloth when picking up groceries or while shopping. This will allow you to refuse the plastic bags that are often offered at the stores. Also, avoid buying goods with multilayered packaging to reduce your consumption of wrapping materials and plastic-coated products.

Stop hoarding

Donating unused items like clothes and utensils can reduce the generation of waste considerably. It will also help you understand exactly how much you need to get by so that you stop hoarding unnecessarily.

Manage e-waste

If you don’t need your old mobile phones and laptops, you can always donate or sell it to somebody else. You could also reach out to centres that can buy them back and recycle the waste for further use.

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