Like Fuss-Free Fashion? Comfy Pyjamas Are A Must-Have

They are chic and comfortable at the same time

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Sep 17, 2020 18:04:46 IST
Like Fuss-Free Fashion? Comfy Pyjamas Are A Must-Have Photo: Shutterstock

Want to slip into something comfortable after a long day of work? A pair of loose pyjamas will help you relax—you can easily stretch your legs and move around comfortably.

Traditionally associated with the Indian subcontinent, pyjamas, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica, were introduced in England in the 17th century as lounge attire. However, it was not until late 19th century when pyjamas started gaining popularity as men’s sleepwear.

Pyjamas for women were introduced in the early 20th century. “The liberation of the pyjama in fact can in many ways be associated with the “liberation” of women, with pioneers in both fashion, and feminism making brave pyjama-based statements,” says a Dolce&Gabbana article titled ‘The pyjama from the Raj to LA’. From actor Greta Garbo to designer Coco Chanel, pyjama struck a chord with the fashion-conscious.

Over the last few decades, pyjamas have blended both fashion and comfort, a reason why they are so popular among people of all ages. Usually preferred as nightwear, a pair of comfy linen or silk pyjamas can be a part of your home-office wardrobe too. “There are silk pyjama tops you could even get away with wearing for waist-up video meetings or a festive, feather-trimmed pair for at home happy hours,” write Anny Choi and Madeline Fass for Vogue

Fabric matters

From cotton and linen to satin and polyester, pyjamas can be made of different kinds of fabric. And you can choose one based on your personal preference and weather conditions. While cotton and linen pyjamas can help you stay cool on hot days, woollen pyjamas can keep you warm on chilly nights. Choose a pair that is soft and allows you to move freely. 

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