Keep Your House Clean With A Duster

From delicate to deep cleaning, a duster does it all

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Jul 31, 2020 21:36:04 IST
Keep Your House Clean With A Duster Photo: Shutterstock

A duster is a household essential—it gets rid of dirt and dust that accumulate in the corners of your rooms, on table surfaces, electronics and other devices.

Dust particles can pile up on surfaces in a matter of a few hours and a duster is a must-have in your home-cleaning arsenal.

Materials to choose from

For a duster to be effective, it is important to ensure that dust and dirt particles stick to them so that they can be effectively removed.

1. Old-fashioned rags are often used as dusters, and so are the ones made of natural fibres. However, in many cases, these are unable to get rid of or wipe off dust and dirt completely. For that, you will need to apply some cleaning solution to ensure the dust and dirt particles stick to their surface.

2. Dusters made of feathers or lambswool are well suited for cleaning delicate items like antique pieces, flower vases, glass items, among others.

3. Materials such as microfibres have tiny filaments that pick up dust and soot without the help of cleaning sprays or polishes. Such dusters are an effective and durable option for both wet and dry cleaning.

4. Synthetic dusters come with long fibres that generate static electricity to attract dust particles swiftly.

Dusting in tight corners

A smart hack for dusting tight spaces and corners, which may otherwise prove difficult to reach manually, would be to add a dusting attachment to an extension of your vacuum cleaner. The arrangement can allow compressed air to reach into the nooks, crannies and tight corners of your furniture (and the space around them), which the duster can then wipe off.

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