Keep Your Gym Equipment Germ-Free With Disinfectant Wipes

A regular cleaning routine will keep you and your equipment in top shape

Mohini Mehrotra Updated: Jan 14, 2021 21:18:34 IST
Keep Your Gym Equipment Germ-Free With Disinfectant Wipes Photo: Shutterstock

While many of us make a lot of effort to clean our home on a daily basis, do we also clean the at-home gym equipment every day? Do we really need to do this, you may ask. The answer is, yes, you should, and you must.

Whether you step out once in a while to pick up groceries or take your dog for a walk or just do house chores, you are unknowingly picking up germs throughout the day from everything you touch and encounter.

These germs live on your clothes and on your body and get transferred to everything you use, in this case, your workout equipment too. Since bacteria and germs thrive in warm and sweaty environments, it’s best to wipe down your home-gym equipment—be it your dumbbells, treadmill or yoga mat—where germs can live and breed for weeks.

Sweat and dust accumulation can also lead to early wear-and-tear of your equipment. While ideally you should clean your exercise gear after every use, even doing it alternate day is a good start.

Dry-dust your gym equipment. Then, use disinfectant wet wipes to clean the surface of the equipment. Make sure you wipe the handles as well the switches and buttons.

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