I Tried It! Exercises to Relieve Tech Neck

You can spot someone who spends hours on devices pretty easily: slumped back, rounded shoulders, forward jutting head, muscle pain ... sound familiar? Here's how to ease the tech-neck problem.

By Andrea Karr Published Jun 19, 2024 17:15:29 IST
I Tried It! Exercises to Relieve Tech Neck illustrations by Kate Traynor

I stare at my phone for five hours a day. At least, that’s what an impertinent weekly notification tells me. As a result, I’ve developed ‘tech neck’—head forward, shoulders rounded and back slumped—and it causes pain in my back, shoulders and neck.

I saw a physical therapist who recommended some stretches to help alleviate the tension.

For a week, I took a five-minute break, three times each day, to roll my head up and down into a chin tuck, slip onto a mat and into cobra pose (lie on your stomach with your palms on the mat, next to your shoulders, then raise your upper body and look forward) and do a few spinal rotations (sitting cross-legged on the floor, reach for your left knee with your right hand, gently twisting your torso to the left; repeat on the other side). I also made sure my smartphone and computer screen were ­always positioned at eye level.

I felt immediate relief, but I was told I would need to adjust my screen time habits before I saw any improvement in my posture.


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