Hats Off: Stylish And Functional, A Headgear Can Be A Man's Best Friend

The world of hats is vast and you can find one that suits your style

Aindrisha Mitra Published Aug 17, 2020 17:31:46 IST
Hats Off: Stylish And Functional, A Headgear Can Be A Man's Best Friend Photo: Shutterstock

A hat is not just a fashion accessory. Sure, it can help you stand out in a crowd, but it also gives your head ample protection on a cold as a well as a hot day.

Hats come in various designs and you can pick one that best suits your style and requirement. We take a look at some:

Different hats that you can don

A flat cap hat or a newsboy hat (boys selling newspapers would wear them) was extremely popular in the early 20th century England and America. The hat was associated with the working-class population. Known for their short, rounded front brim, these hat are now back in vogue—from Prince Charles to David Beckham, everyone sports a newsboy hat once in a while.

Once a symbol of female empowerment, Fedora hats were worn by both men and women in the first-half of the 20th century, but the style fizzled out by the later part of the century. A Fedora has a tear-drop shaped crown and a pinched front. Michael Jackson was rarely seen without his Fedora on stage. Songwriter and artist Yoko Ono is often seen sporting a Fedora.   

Although called Panama hat, this hat traces its origins to Ecuador. Made from the straw of the toquilla palm plant, found in South America, a traditional Panama hat is light-coloured and is ideal to beat the heat. However, if you are not a fan of pale colours, Panama hats are now available in variety of shades. They are known for being lightweight and super-comfortable. 

Baseball cap or dad hat is casual and comfortable wear. Originally designed to shield players’ eyes from the sun, this cap has become increasingly popular in the last few decades. A snapback hat is quite similar to a baseball cap, but has a flat brim.

Bucket hats look like inverted buckets with flared edges and are a favourite among people across ages because they are easy to wear and provide good head coverage.

Maintain your hats

Just like you take care of your clothes, you should also spend a little time to ensure your hat stays in good shape. If you have a Fedora made of felt or any other fabric, remove the dust with a soft-bristled brush or a lint roller. To tackle the sweat, wipe down the inside and outside of the hat with a damp cloth.

Flat caps or newsboy hats can be hand-washed with a gentle detergent. Tanned leather hats can be treated with commercial conditioners to revive their looks. Store them in a cool, dry area to avoid direct sunlight.

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