Give Your Day A Healthy Start With Poha

A wholesome breakfast or a dry snack, poha is versatile and packed with nutrients

Aindrisha Mitra Published Jul 16, 2020 20:56:36 IST
Give Your Day A Healthy Start With Poha Photo: Shutterstock

Poha, a dish cooked from flattened rice, is a popular breakfast meal in many Indian households. You can cook it with peanuts and curry leaves, or with vegetables.

Besides being easy to prepare, poha has numerous health benefits too. It is widely considered as a probiotic food. It also aids digestion, contains carbohydrates and proteins and is healthy for your gut. 

Poha as a health fix

Poha has a high carbohydrate content; its fat content, on the other hand, is way less. The combination keeps the body fit, flexible and provides a steady dose of energy to last you through the day.

The low calorie count of poha is complemented well by its high iron content. The benefits increase when cooked with curry leaves, which are rich in antioxidants.

Poha is also rich in fibre, which helps control blood sugar levels. It is also easily digestible, does not cause bloating and is gluten-free.

How to serve poha

Top your poha with a little sev or bhujia and serve it with home-made mint chutney. You could also squeeze a bit of lemon juice if you want to make it tangy.

Tip: Cook your poha in olive or coconut oil for added benefits.

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