Give Your Baked Goodies The Perfect Shape And Size With Moulds

Your baking kit is incomplete without moulds

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Sep 15, 2020 19:41:49 IST
Give Your Baked Goodies The Perfect Shape And Size With Moulds Photo:

Passionate about baking? Baking moulds of different shapes and sizes can let you create a variety of goodies, from cakes and pies and breads to muffins and cupcakes.

Traditional cake pans, usually made of anodized aluminium, come in square, circular or rectangular shapes. A staple in most kitchens, you can use them for making casseroles or even mac and cheese. 

Loaf pans, as the name suggests, are used for baking breads. Rectangular in shape, loaf pans offer more depth and, thereby, allow more space for the mixture to rise. It is particularly good for baking pound cake, which has a thick consistency. 

Muffin or cupcake trays are ideal when you want to make delicious muffins or cupcakes at home. It is also a time-saver since you make half-a-dozen to a dozen muffins in one go. You can opt for aluminium trays with non-stick coating or those made of silicone.

If you love tarts and pies and want to make them at home, then you need a tart pan. Tart pans usually have a separable base so it’s super-easy to take your tart out of the mould. You can use them to make quiche too.

Prep your mould

Make sure your baking mould is clean and dry before use. If you are using a metal mould, grease it with some butter. If you are using a non-stick silicone mould, dust it with corn starch.

When filling the mould with the batter, make sure it is spread evenly. Clean the excess batter and tap the mould on the kitchen slab to release air bubbles, and then put it in the oven. Always let your baked goodies cool down a bit before you take them out of the mould to ensure they don’t stick to it. 

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