Four Questions You Must Ask While Choosing A Cabinet For Your Bathroom

This is one accessory you cannot ignore if you want your bathroom to look organized

V. Kumara Swamy Published Oct 27, 2020 19:27:58 IST
Four Questions You Must Ask While Choosing A Cabinet For Your Bathroom Photo: Shutterstock

Adding a storage cabinet to your bathroom can instantly open up space to store essentials that you keep either next to the sink or on top of the flush tank or on a narrow slab on the wall or a window. Here are some things you must consider before zeroing in on a bathroom cabinet: 

1. Do I have the space? You may have purchased a stylish cabinet but your efforts will come to naught if you don’t have the space for it. Most bathroom cabinets are mounted on walls and are quite the space-savers. Place your cabinet in a way that it is easily accessible and doesn’t affect the door movement. 

2. How big a cabinet do I need? Again, that depends on the space you have as well as what all you would like to store in it. A very big cabinet in a small bathroom would look out of place and a tiny one that cannot accommodate most of your essentials won’t solve the purpose either. So, take the measurements of the place where you would like the cabinet to be and then look for one that matches your expectations. If you have a tiny bathroom, you can opt for triangular cabinets that can fit in the corners. They look stylish too. 

3. With or without mirror? If you don’t have one already in your bathroom, a cabinet with a mirror and the storage area behind it wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. With slots for toothbrushes, soaps and soap dispensers, and shelves to store medicines and personal care products, the cabinet can help you keep your bathroom essentials in one place. 

4. What material to choose? More often than not, your bathroom will be wet and moist. So, you should see to it that you choose cabinets that can withstand the moisture. Cabinets are available in plastic, wood and plywood among a variety of other materials. A wooden cabinet can be heavy and its door may expand due to the moisture. Stainless steel cabinets look stylish and can withstand the moisture. Plastic cabinets are a popular choice too; they are durable and cost-effective.

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