Fix Your Mid-Meal Hunger Pangs With Makhana

Five points that tell you all you need to know about fox nuts, an underrated healthy snack

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Jan 6, 2021 23:42:30 IST
Fix Your Mid-Meal Hunger Pangs With Makhana  Photo: Shutterstock

Makhana or fox nuts are a staple in most Indian homes. High on fibre and low on calories, they are perfect to munch on any time of the day. A popular food during fasting, makhana are underrated as a healthy snacking option.

These five points will help you understand this snack better:

  1. Also known as fox nuts, makhana are essentially processed lotus seeds that are edible. Traditionally roasted in ghee and served with a pinch of salt and pepper, makhana are way healthier than deep-fried food.
  2. Bihar alone accounts for 85–90 per cent of the global production of makhana. Districts like Madhubani, Sitamarhi, Darbhanga, Araria, Kishanganj are known for cultivating makhana. They are also grown in countries such as Japan and Russia.
  3. A light snack, makhana have a low glycaemic index—they release glucose slowly and steadily and, therefore, don’t result in a sudden spike in blood sugar levels.
  4. For those suffering from gluten intolerance or allergy, makhana can be a healthy snack as it is gluten-free. Low on calories and sodium, it is a rich source of dietary fibre, carbohydrate and protein.
  5. A popular food during fasting, makhana can be enjoyed raw, or you can add them to kheer, or even to curries. Other than the traditional ghee-roasted makhana, you can also go for more exotic varieties, such as piri-piri, basil and oregano, which are available in supermarkets.

Pro-tip: While buying a packet of makhana, keep an eye out for the sodium content; you don’t want to overdose on salt. Remember, roasted is always better than the fried variant.


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