Four Easy Ways To Save Electricity

Make these tiny but significant lifestyle changes to cut down the consumption in your house to lower your bills and to make this world a healthier and happier place

Mohini Mehrotra Updated: Feb 18, 2020 15:17:31 IST
Four Easy Ways To Save Electricity

Everyone has been talking about ways to save the environment from greater damage and it is time we make little changes in our everyday lives to do our bit. Cutting down on electricity consumption can make a huge difference in reducing the volume of toxic fumes released by power plants. This, in turn, will help conserve and protect the earth’s natural resources. Begin today. Make these tiny but significant lifestyle changes to cut down the power consumption in your home to lower your bills and to make this world a healthier and happier place--now and in the future


Keep it Natural

During the day, take advantage of the natural light in the house. Open the blinds and curtains and let in as much sunlight as you can to avoid switching on the bulbs. This is not only a great way to conserve energy but also to keep the house germ free, since natural light kills germs and bacteria. It also increases positivity and keeps your home looking warmer and inviting. Open the doors and windows every morning to let in some breeze. Besides refreshing the house, ventilating the house naturally will also refrain you from switching on the fans when the floor is mopped. Another easy way to increase light in the house is by the use of mirrors. Placing mirrors on the walls facing a natural source of light causes it to get reflected, and therefore increases brightness of a room/space. It also adds a dramatic décor element to your interiors.


LED the Way

Think of this as an investment. It may feel like you will end up spending a packet on changing all your regular lighting to CFL (compact fluorescent lights) and LED (light-emitting diode bulbs), but in the long run, it will turn out way more efficient and cost-effective. As per research, CFLs and LEDs use anywhere from 25 to 80 per cent less electricity and last up to three to 25 times longer than the traditional bulb. This means that unlike a traditional bulb, it will not need to be replaced for a long time, saving you money.


Make the Switch

On an average, home appliances are responsible to about 15 per cent of your total home energy use. When purchasing appliances, look for the energy star rating. This label guarantees that the appliance will consume less energy in comparison to non-energy efficient ones when in use and also when in stand-by mode. Again, while they may cost you a tad more than regular products, you will end up using a lot less energy than you usually do.



Learn to Turn it Off

Yes, it is worth it to switch off the plugs when the device is not in use. You may not know this, but leaving devices, which may not be in use plugged in to the electrical outlet, can also waste power. So, when you’re not watching the television or playing your PS4, make sure you switch off and then unplug your device. Almost all of us leave our mobile phone and laptop chargers plugged in even when we may not be actually charging them. Remember to remove them from the socket and put them away to avoid leaving them in, and thereby wasting energy. Also remember to charge your phone before you sleep or during the day. It only takes about two hours for a phone to charge. Leaving it to charge overnight not only wastes electricity but can also damage your device.



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