Don't Break Into A Sweat While Doing Dishes. Get A Dishwasher

Tired of washing all those greasy dishes every day? A dishwasher can solve your worries

Mohini Mehrotra Updated: Aug 10, 2020 15:21:17 IST
Don't Break Into A Sweat While Doing Dishes. Get A Dishwasher Photo: Shutterstock

Struggling to meet work deadlines and a pile of dirty dishes staring at you from the kitchen sink? Modern technology can come to your rescue.

A dishwasher not only cleans your cutlery without any fuss, it also saves you from worrying about breakage. With one less chore to do, it leaves you with more me-time.  

Doing dishes can be a thing of the past

There are times when you have guests over and way too many utensils, the kitchen is a complete mess, and your help doesn’t turn up. Or, it could be a regular busy day in office and you are too tired to do the dishes. This is when this amazing kitchen equipment lends you a helping hand. It will do the task for you while you sit and work on those important office documents or run errands. All you need to do is just load the dishwasher with your dishes and cutlery and voila.

It’s more hygienic and safe to use

The sponges you use and reuse to clean your dishes can be hotbeds of bacteria and germs. In contrast, a dishwasher has a more hygienic approach. The dishes go through various levels of cleaning that help remove grease and kill germs at the same time. Also, when you wash dishes with your hands, there’s always a risk of breaking something or even scratching an expensive piece of cutlery. That way, a dishwasher ensures your glassware is safe and in top shape after a wash.

Cleaning tough stains can be easy

Indian cooking usually requires long exposure of the utensils to heat and grease, leaving them with tough-to-clean stains. Inside a dishwasher, the jets spray the water on the dishes with full force, removing even tough stains. You can wash your wine glasses or bone china dishes without any worry.

It can help save water too

Washing your dozen dishes under running water can be a wasteful exercise. A good energy-efficient dishwasher uses as less as 10 litres of water for every full load, while saving some from the final rinse in a storage tank for the next wash. Make sure you have a full load to make the most of the water and electricity the dishwasher uses per cycle.

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