Cooking Need Not Be A High-Pressure Job. A Pressure Cooker Can Help You

Besides saving energy, they can prepare delicious meals for you in no time

Aindrisha Mitra Published Jul 9, 2020 19:46:02 IST
Cooking Need Not Be A High-Pressure Job. A Pressure Cooker Can Help You Photo: Shutterstock

You can take it for granted but you can’t imagine your kitchen without it. The pressure cooker, a humble kitchen appliance, comes to your rescue when you are running out of time and want to prepare a quick meal for the family.

A pressure cooker works on the simple principle of locking in the steam to generate high pressure, which raises the boiling point of water, and this helps in cooking the food faster. Once the pressure reaches the threshold level, steam is released through the safety valve in a regulated manner so that the temperature of the food inside the pot is maintained.

Here are some features you should consider while choosing a pressure cooker:

Stainless steel or aluminium?

You can choose between aluminium alloy and stainless steel pressure cooker for your daily use—each has its own set of USPs. If you are someone who uses their microwave for everyday cooking, you can go for a plastic microwave pressure cooker too.

While aluminium pressure cookers are lightweight and cost-effective, stainless steel cookers have a classy finish and score high on durability and require little maintenance. You can also opt for a hard anodized cooker, which is a sturdier version of the aluminium alloy cooker. These cookers are thermal-efficient and spread the heat evenly, are corrosion-resistant and durable.

Who are you cooking for?

If you are cooking just for yourself or your partner, a cooker with a 2-4 litre capacity should suffice. If it’s a family of four, go for 5-7 litre capacity cookers. For those with large families or who plan to cook for gatherings every now and then, a pressure cooker with 7.5-10 litre capacity or more will be an ideal choice.  

Look for compatibility

When it comes to choosing a pressure cooker, you must get the base right to ensure even distribution of heat. More importantly, you need to check the base to find out if it is compatible with your gas and induction cooktop. Cookers with induction bases can generally work on both. 

An energy-saver: Since pressure cookers prepare your meals in less time, they are also more energy-efficient compared to other modes of conventional cooking like steaming and braising.


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