Choosing The Perfect Controller Is No Child's Play

The right device can give you a fulfilling gaming experience

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Aug 10, 2020 16:09:33 IST
Choosing The Perfect Controller Is No Child's Play Photo: Shutterstock

Internet and online spaces have influenced gaming big time. Besides streaming virtual reality, today’s gaming consoles offer more interactivity than ever before. Some console systems are designed for family use, while others cater to individual needs. An integral part of consoles is the controller. Some consoles come with controllers and a touchscreen for a smooth gaming experience. Or, you can also opt for a controller that you can simply plug into your PC and use your mouse and keyboard to get started.

Console controllers

These controllers are designed for PCs and other video gaming systems. They generally have a tough build and promise easy, quick compatibility.

They come in both wired and wireless versions. For wired systems, you need to plug into a USB port whereas a Bluetooth pairing usually works best for the wireless ones.

Custom-made controllers

Modified versions of original gamepads, these come in new designs and the buttons also feel more edgy. These controllers are also available in a variety of colours, patterns and offer a better grip for your fingers to rest.

They usually are compatible with any advanced Windows platform. Because of a host of customized features available, they are more expensive than the regular gaming pads.


If you prefer a fast-paced driving or a flight-based game, these joysticks can be a perfect choice. In racing games, they allow you to have a sense of steering the car as you wheel past your opponents. The fine hand grip enables you to take your game to the next level.

Retro gamepads

These are classic controllers, remapped and readjusted, in case you want an old-world feel to your gaming experience without relying on too many advanced features.


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