Carry A Trolley Bag For Hassle-Free Travel

These bags help you pack and arrange your belongings efficiently

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Aug 7, 2020 19:48:18 IST
Carry A Trolley Bag For Hassle-Free Travel Photo: Shutterstock

A trolley bag can be your perfect travel companion—it comes with rotating wheels that enable you to carry your luggage with minimum effort. In many of these bags, an adjustable handle ensures you don’t have to try hard to pull your luggage.

These bags are lightweight but are spacious and can carry a significant load. They come in various colours and designs to suit your preferences.

Options to go for

You can choose trolley bags based on the materials used—they can be hard-shell or soft-sided.

Hard-shell or hard-sided bags are made of tough and durable materials such as polycarbonate—such bags are lightweight and can absorb impact to a large degree. You can go for a hard-sided bag if you are carrying fragile items like glass.

Soft-sided bags are made of fabrics ranging from canvas to leather, nylon and more. Though they can be tough and durable, the level of toughness they offer is usually less than that of their hard-shell counterparts. However, they are far more flexible and can fit into just about any space, even irregular ones.

While your choice of bag should be influenced by the purpose for which it is used, make sure you go for a fabric that is durable and is water-proof and stain-resistant.

Two wheels or four wheels?

Both two-wheeled bags and four-wheeled bags come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Two-wheelers may be easier to manoeuvre on uneven surfaces, because you can roll them only forward and backward. However, the prolonged pulling motion can sprain your wrists and shoulders. You may need some getting-used-to in order to operate four-wheelers comfortably. The 360-degree movement of the wheels may make for easier manoeuvrability but it is trickier to master it. However, the advantage is that the four wheels can distribute the load evenly without creating a strain on your body.

Pro tip: Avoid stuffing everything in one oversized trolley bag, which can be difficult to carry around, and also cost you extra baggage fee at the airport counter. Instead, go for a medium-sized bag and put the additional stuff in a backpack that be placed in the overhead cabin.

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