A Woman's Wardrobe Is Incomplete Without A Hat

If you are looking for that one accessory that can transform your look, trust a hat to do it  

Aindrisha Mitra Published Aug 20, 2020 21:18:02 IST
A Woman's Wardrobe Is Incomplete Without A Hat Photo: Shutterstock

Having a bad hair day but can’t avoid stepping out? The sun’s too harsh and a scarf isn’t enough to protect your hair? A hat can come to your rescue. It can, of course, add to your style quotient and help you stand out in the crowd.  

It was not before the 15th century when women’s hats became elaborate. A century later, hoods gained popularity. According to Britannica, “European and American women in the 18th century sometimes wore the calash, a great bonnet that resembled the extension top of a calèche, or French carriage.”

While the British royal family’s penchant for hats is well-known, hats are for anyone and everyone; you just need to figure out what suits you best. 

Hats you can choose from

Hats for women come in various shapes and fabrics. Did you think beanies are only for men? Perfect for cold days, these knitted caps can help you step out in style and go best with casual wear.

Berets are another popular choice. These brimless caps with a snug fit are usually made of wool, and can be paired with anything, from skirts and dresses to denim pants.

If you are looking for a super-comfortable headgear, a bucket hat is a must-have in your wardrobe. It shares an uncanny resemblance with an inverted bucket. You can wear one while stepping out in the sun.

Fedora hat is worn by both women and men. Identified by its short brim and curved edges, a Fedora, traditionally made of felt, can be paired with a jumpsuit or a dress.

If you are hitting the beach and want to shield yourself from the scorching sun, you need a sun hat. These hats, available in a variety of fabrics, provide ample head coverage as well as protect your face, and they look super-stylish too. 

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