4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Switch To Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

They are agile, convenient and fast

V. Kumara Swamy Published Nov 6, 2020 22:27:47 IST
4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Switch To Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Photo: Shutterstock

Regular vacuuming is a necessity if you want to keep your home and office dust-free and clean. A corded or a cordless vacuum cleaner can do the job, but corded varieties can be cumbersome and may not be able to reach all the corners of your room. A cordless vacuum with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can clean hard-to-reach corners, without making you sweat.

Here, we look at some benefits of a cordless vacuum cleaner:

1. A cordless vacuum cleaner is generally lighter than a corded one and not dependent on proximity to power points. This flexibility is a big plus. Cordless vacuums nearly eliminate the risk of tripping on the cord, which can be a possibility while using wired vacuums. Since they cause little inconvenience, these battery-operated vacuums can be used in commercial establishments too.

2. When friends suddenly call you up and tell you they are coming to meet you, you need a quick clean-up. A cordless vacuum can do the needful in no time—it saves you the trouble of looking for power points in every room. Moreover, once the job is done, you can simply store it rather than struggling to manage the cord.

3. Since cordless vacuums are relatively lightweight, you can lift them and clean your upholstery and nooks and crannies of beds, sofa sets and book shelves easily.

4. Once you charge these cleaners, you don’t have to worry about anything else but cleaning. They may not be very powerful when you compare them with the bulkier corded varieties, but they are effective nevertheless.

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