Animals free from circus performances

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Ayushi Thapliyal Updated: Oct 12, 2018 12:42:46 IST
Animals free from circus performances

Free to be animals 

The Central Zoo Authority of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) has banned the training, exhibition and use of elephants for circus tricks. The Hindu stated that the order was based on a year-long evaluation by an expert committee which found that circus "companies neglected the welfare of elephants, and the animals were subjected to torture". The MoEFCC also directed state governments to rehabilitate the pachyderms used in circuses. Training and performance of certain wild animals was banned in 1991. Then, in 1998, the central government barred bears, monkeys, tigers, panthers and lions from performing.  


Each one, feed one

Dr Issa Fathima Jasmine always donated leftover food to a lady who would sit outside her house, but shied away from giving it to others. She was afraid it would embarrass them. In August, she came up with Ayyamittu Unn, a community fridge and donation counter outside Besant Nagar Tennis Club, Chennai. Every day from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., people bring fruits, biscuits, water, cooked meals and clothing items for the homeless. Since then, she and a group of volunteers have distributed non-perishable food bundles to the needy via their (hashtag) HappyPlateChennai campaign. They also helped feed people stranded due to the rains in Chennai.

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