Lockdown Heroes: The Kindness Of Couples Who Care

They went out of their way to play Good Samaritans and helped those hit by the lockdown

V. Kumara Swamy Published Apr 24, 2020 16:29:47 IST
Lockdown Heroes: The Kindness Of Couples Who Care Image used for representative purposes only (Wikimedia Commons)

While a doctor couple in Gurugram helped a Yemeni youth get back in touch with his family through persistent efforts, another in Kolkata turned Good Samaritans and came to the aid of Kumartuli artisans, famed for their Durga Puja idols.

From suspicion to happiness

A Yemeni youth, suspected to be a COVID-19 patient, was brought under the care of a hospital in Gurugram after he was found lying unconscious near a village in Gurugram, on the outskirts of Delhi.

Dr Yogender Singh of the Civil Hospital, Gurugram, tried his best to communicate with the young man, but failed. The man was too agitated and spoke in a language Singh didn’t understand.

The Indian Express reported that after several failed attempts to converse with him, the youngster was asked to type into the Google Translate service and the doctor learnt that he was Yusuf from Yemen.

Trying to reach out to the Yemen Embassy, Singh was unsuccessful. That's when he sought his wife Dr Saroj Yadav's help, who works with a hospital frequented by Delhi Police personnel. The police, after several attempts, was finally able to get in touch with the embassy.

The embassy then contacted Yusuf’s family back in Yemen. It came to light then that Yusuf had come to India for treatment and that he had lost his passport. Yusuf was finally united with his brother—and the doctor couple showered with gratitude, not only from the family in Yemen, but also the Delhi Police.

Source: The Indian Express


Succour for idol makers

A couple in Kolkata are currently providing Kumartuli artisans in Kolkata with food, as their means of livelihood have been cut off completely in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

According to The Telegraph, Jaydeep Mukherjee and his wife Swaguna reached out to the craftspeople after they were told that many of them were having to go without any food. Mukherjee owns a travel agency in Kolkata. The report stated the family has also reached out to 2,000 families in various parts of the city, including sex workers and the destitute.

The food packets distributed by the couple include rice, potatoes, dal, cooking oil, biscuits and other essentials. The couple also makes it a point that they distribute these packets themselves rather than depend on anyone else. This way, they ensure that only those in real need are helped.

Source: The Telegraph
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