Lockdown Heroes: Friends Of Strays

Moved by the plight of stray animals dying due to lack of food, some individuals have come forward to help

V. Kumara Swamy Updated: May 20, 2020 20:20:23 IST
Lockdown Heroes: Friends Of Strays Pexels

Shutting down of roadside eateries, restaurants, and people not stepping out of their homes frequently have meant a tough time for stray animals, especially dogs, during the coronavirus-triggered lockdown. But Good Samaritans, young and old, from across the country, have been going out of their way to do their bit for these animals.

Here we look at some heartwarming instances.

Children to the rescue

A group of children in Dehradun’s Kishanpur colony used their piggy bank money to buy milk, biscuits, and fodder for the strays.

Most of these children, The New Indian Express reports, are from lower-middle-income families.

To support these youngsters in their efforts, an animal rescue team of the Uttarakhand forest department has decided to contribute Rs 1,000 every month for this noble act. The team has also promised the children that it would take care of any animal in need of medical help.

The initiative has spurred ordinary citizens to contribute to the cause and feed strays.


Citizens in action

The sight of stray dogs dying due to lack of food during the lockdown brought a bunch of morning walkers in the Osmania University campus together to start an initiative.

Led by B. Manohar, a state government official, the group started carrying leftover food from their homes every morning to feed the dogs.

Similarly, R. Vasantha, a scientist and an animal lover, along with her friends who are all associated with Hyderabad-based Kindness Club distribute food to 250-300 strays every day, reports the Hindustan Times.

The Cyberabad police has also joined hands with individuals and organizations that are taking care of the strays, says the report. The Society for Cyberabad Security Council, a joint initiative between the Cyberabad police and several sections of the society, is feeding 1,500 street dogs every day in various parts of the city.

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