A COVID Warrior Gets A Red Carpet Welcome And A Scrap Dealer Helps A Paralyzed Employee

A Rajinikanth fan plans a filmi welcome for his wife, a nurse, and a scrap metal dealer shows it takes a kind heart to help others    

Kritika Banerjee Updated: Jul 31, 2020 19:38:33 IST
A COVID Warrior Gets A Red Carpet Welcome And A Scrap Dealer Helps A Paralyzed Employee Image for representational purpose. Courtesy: peakpx.com

Health-care workers are the front-line warriors in the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, many of them and their families have faced social ostracization.

In Tumakuru, Karnataka, Kalavathi, a staff nurse at a COVID-19 hospital had a similar experience. Her neighbours, who would earlier seek medical help from her, shunned her family after she tested positive for COVID-19.

But after she recovered and was declared fit to return home, her husband Ramachandra Rao, a Rajinikanth fan, decided to do something special. In true filmi style, Kalavathy got a grand red carpet welcome with a floral tribute as she entered her home. “I had great faith that I will recover as I had seen people recovering fast, having worked in the COVID-19 ward for over three months,” Kalavathy told The New Indian Express. She will resume work at the hospital from 1 August.     

Source: The New Indian Express 

A scrap dealer who didn’t abandon his employee

It takes a kind heart to help others—and Muhammad Sali, a scrap dealer in Erumeli village in Kottayam district of Kerala, surely has one. Sali is taking care of Shivaji, a migrant labourer from Bihar who used to work at his scrap metal shop until recently. 

A few weeks ago, Shivaji collapsed while working at the shop. After several rounds to hospitals, it was found that Shivaji had suffered a blood clot in his brain and needed surgery. Post-surgery, Shivaji is now paralyzed on the left side. Sali has spent nearly ₹4 lakh on Shivaji’s treatment, raising money by borrowing from friends and pledging gold.

Besides raising money for another round of surgery for Shivraj, Sali is also taking care of the migrant worker’s family. Shivraj’s family now stays in a small room next to Sali’s house. “I have financial problems and debts but I will do everything that I can to bring Shivraj back to normal,” Sali told mathrubhumi.com.

Source: mathrubhumi.com
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