Save Yourself Trips To The Salon For Smooth, Straight Hair. Get A Hair Straightener

Be it thin, curly or thick locks, there’s a hair straightener for you

Aindrisha Mitra Published Jul 6, 2020 19:07:43 IST
Save Yourself Trips To The Salon For Smooth, Straight Hair. Get A Hair Straightener Photo: Shutterstock

You could be dressed to perfection for an office party but your unkempt or frizzy hair can spoil the look. That’s when a hair straightener or a flat iron comes to your rescue, letting you style your hair at home in no time.

Be it curly or frizzy hair, this styling tool not only helps straighten your locks but also lends them a smooth and shiny look. Plus, it saves you trips to the salon where you would end up spending a few thousand rupees for the same thing. 

Since your hair gets exposed to dirt, dust and pollution, making it greasy and unmanageable, make sure you wash your hair and apply a nourishing shampoo before using a straightener. Although a lot of straighteners claim they can be used on wet hair, it is best to dry your hair before you use them to prevent hair damage.

Here’s how you should choose a hair straightener based on your hair type:

For thin hair

If you have fine, thin hair, you should go for a straightener that offers an option to fix the heat according to your needs. Thin hair doesn’t need too much heat to set. You can choose straighteners with ceramic or ceramic-coated plates that distribute the heat evenly and reduce frizz.

For thick hair

If you have thick, coarse hair, a titanium plate is a better option. It heats up fast and keeps the heat consistent so that you can straighten your hair easily and in one go—you don’t have to run it through a particular section of the hair repeatedly, which can also damage your hair.

For curly hair

Curly hairs are difficult to tame and more prone to frizz. Go for a straightener with wider iron plates to give you better grip and let you work on a larger section of hair in one go. Straighteners with built-in comb also work well on curly hair. Those coated with ceramic or tourmaline (these need less heat to straighten hair) are better options for curly hair.

While straighteners are handy and super-easy to use, it’s best to not run them on damaged hair. Also, do remember that excess use of straighteners can leave your hair dry.

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