5 Make-Up Blunders You Must Avoid In Summers

Who says you can’t wear make-up in summer. Follow these easy tips to slay the heat in style

Mohini Mehrotra Updated: May 17, 2020 12:56:29 IST
5 Make-Up Blunders You Must Avoid In Summers Photo: Shutterstock

Come summer and the sweltering heat turns us into a sticky mess in no time. It can be quite tricky to wear make-up and many of you would rather give it a miss than let it drip. Follow these simple tips to avoid some common make-up disasters during summer and step out in style with your best face on.

Don’t skip the primer

If you thought not applying a primer in the hot weather is a good idea, then you are mistaken. Primer helps keep the make-up base intact so that you don’t end up with a blotchy look. However, make sure you pick a water-based primer instead of an oil-based one to keep your skin hydrated without excess shine. Try to avoid a silicon-based product as it can make your skin too dry. Remember, less is more; just a pea-sized amount should be good for your face.

Match your base and foundation to the weather

Different weather conditions demand different products and treatment when it comes to skincare and make-up. During summer, switch to a lightweight or sheer foundation or mix your regular foundation with a few drops of moisturizer and apply it all over your face and neck. This will dilute the foundation and give you a lighter, even skin tone. You can also use a BB cream (blemish or beauty balm) for it doubles up as a sunscreen as well as a tinted moisturizer. If you feel that you still need more coverage in trouble areas—think dark circles and acne marks—gently dab some concealer and blend it in.

Stick to water-proof formulae

No one likes the mascara getting smudged or the foundation melting with sweat. Whether it is an eye-liner, foundation or a lipstick, this is a good time to opt for water-proof and sweat-proof products. They also make for good buys and stay longer and you can use them all through the humid monsoon months.

Don’t use too much powder

It’s a common misconception that using powder-based products during the hot months will make you sweat less. In fact, when you apply a powder-based product with a heavy hand or retouch it too often, it mixes with the sweat to form a white, cakey layer on your skin. Instead, you can go for a light dusting of mineral powder or translucent powder or just stick to a sheer foundation or a tinted moisturizer.

Go sheer on lips

Put away those heavy matt lipsticks. Opt for long-lasting formulae such as lip stains that offer sheer coverage, and can be darkened with each application depending on the occasion—they don’t feel heavy or look cakey. You can always top it up with a lip balm to add moisture and shine. A quality tinted moisturizing lip crayon or balm is also a good bet for summer. 

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