The Feminist Memory Project By Nepal Picture Library

A visual archive traces the public life of women in Nepali history and society 

Naorem Anuja Published Apr 17, 2020 17:46:43 IST
The Sahana Pradhan collection

The Feminist Memory Project was launched in April 2018 by the Nepal Picture Library—a digital photo archive in Kathmandu—with a focus on creating an inclusive visual archive, grounding women and their presence in Nepal’s history.

Part of the section ‘The women of the people’, this photo from the Sahana Pradhan collection chronicles a rally in Kathmandu, taken out by women to demand suffrage during the pro-democracy revolution in 1951. The historical memory of Nepal’s march to democracy and its struggle for progress has been dominated by men. Women and their participation have largely been relegated to the margins of history, captive to gendered norms and spaces.

‘The women of the people’ is a visual repository created to draw “attention to the ways women made new positions and subjectivities possible through their entry into public life”. Starting with the movement against the Rana oligarchy, the section travels through the decades seeking to register and amplify the memory and visibility of women in Nepal’s political history.


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