Inside the Museum of Chance

Dayanita Singh leaves her images open-ended to allow viewers to build their own stories.

By Ayushi Thapliyal Updated: Oct 11, 2018 16:40:18 IST
Inside the Museum of Chance Museum of Chance (2014), by Dayanita Singh. Mobile museum. Image courtesy: Dayanita Singh

Photographer Dayanita Singh is known for her graceful portraits, candid shots, book covers and more recently elaborate installations, like the Museum of Chance. It consists of two large and 26 smaller wooden structures with a tapestry of 168 inkjet prints. She began working on these mobile museums as she was looking for another medium which "changed continuously and was not static or fixed in any way".

studio-b_122917011254_083018042259.pngA still from Museum of Chance.

We zoom in on a particularly striking still (above) in her trademark black-and-white style. The photograph has the coming together of the many elements (blowing curtains, open window, furniture and the incoming sunlight) illustrating continuity that echoes in every individual work and the full installation. Her aim is to make the images "open-ended enough for the viewers to build their own story and emotion from the images". That's where true magic in her art lies. "As the works are so varied, yet they have to work in any combination," she says.

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