Your Well-Furnished Home Is Incomplete Without A Shoe Cabinet

Use it as an effective storage unit

Aindrisha Mitra Published Oct 16, 2020 14:58:33 IST
Your Well-Furnished Home Is Incomplete Without A Shoe Cabinet Photo: Shutterstock

Give your shoes, sandals, slippers (and more) adequate room with a shoe cabinet. It acts as a great storage unit, and can even come with separate sections for different types of footwear in your collection. A shoe cabinet can not only protect your shoes from dirt and dust, but also help you keep them in an organized fashion so that finding the right pair does not turn out to be an uphill task. 

Ideally, a shoe cabinet should be placed near the entrance of the house to minimize the chances of bringing in dirt and germs into the house. If you also wish to keep the cabinet relatively clean, consider placing a mat in front of it, so that you and your family members can clean your shoes before putting them in the cabinet. 

Options to choose from 

From shoe racks to cabinets and cubbyholes, there are a number of shoe storage solutions at your disposal.

If you wish to highlight your footwear collection, cubbyholes can be a wise choice. However, even though they provide proper ventilation, they cannot protect shoes from dust and dirt as they are open storage units. Neither can they store bigger shoes such as high boots.

If you are looking for a bigger storage space, shoe shelves can be a viable option. Essentially a modernized version of traditional shoe racks, they offer more shelves and space than cubbyholes. Coming in open as well as closed cupboard-like variants, they are space-savers and can be placed behind doors.

Shoe cabinets offer maximum space and are sturdy too. They have other utilities too. You can refashion such a cabinet into a seating space/bench, if it is sturdy enough.

Cupboard-style storage cabinets usually come in wooden, plastic and metallic variants. They are, of course, most effective when it comes to keeping your footwear clean. However, they do not provide as much ventilation; so, if you are not wearing your shoes for a long time, chances are they may become mouldy quite soon. You’ll have to ensure that they are completely dry when you store them inside. 

Things to remember  

Keeping your footwear in the cabinet can make it a breeding ground for germs and allergens. Make sure the space is cleaned at regular intervals, sanitized and well-maintained. 

Wet or muddied footwear can be a breeding ground for germs and pollutants. It is best not to keep them bunched with the ones you may not be using regularly; instead have separate storage units for both.

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