Your Wardrobe Is Incomplete Without A Pair Of Formal Shoes

In the vast world of formal footwear, you may get lost. This guide can help you make the right choice

V. Kumara Swamy Published Sep 22, 2020 17:10:01 IST
Your Wardrobe Is Incomplete Without A Pair Of Formal Shoes Photo: Shutterstock

You may be a proud owner of dozens of crisp shirts and trousers, but your wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of formal shoes. Perfect for wearing to office, formal shoes can go well with semi-casual and even casual wear. Over the years, formal shoes have undergone several changes that make them easy to wear.

But what are things you need to keep in mind before you decide to buy a pair of formal shoes? Here are some tips: 

Leather is the leader

Leather is the most-preferred choice when it comes to formal shoes. Suede, which is also a kind of leather, is another popular option. You should be careful while buying leather shoes. Good-quality leather shoes are supple but strong. They have a distinct smell, similar to that of polish. Leather, however, is not the best choice on a rainy day.

Dress for the occasion

In the world of footwear, nothing can be more formal than a pair of lace-up Oxford shoes. Pair them with your suit and you are ready for that important office meeting. While Oxford shoes are known for closed lacing, Derby shoes feature an open lace and offer your feet more space to manoeuvre. Compared to Oxfords, these are less formal and more versatile. A pair of Derby shoes can go well with office-wear as well as semi-casual attire.  

If you don’t like laces and want something that is super-easy to wear, loafers can be your thing. These slip-on shoes can be worn with anything—from formal trousers to khaki pants. Another versatile option can be the monk strap shoes. As the name suggests, these shoes come with a strap and buckle. High on style, you can easily wear them to work as well as to a party. 

The comfort factor 

Always try your shoes with the socks on so that you know how well they fit you. Walk around the store in your new pair of shoes to check if you feel comfortable in them. Wiggle your toes—if you can’t do it properly or if your toe is touching the shoe’s toe box, know that the pair is not right for you. 

Which colour to pick 

While black and brown shoes have always been around, if you want to break the mould, you can pick a pair of blue or maroon formal shoes. There is no dearth of options, but go for a pair that is comfortable and complements your personal style.


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