You Forgot Where You Kept The House Keys? A Holder Can Help You

A key holder keeps all your important keys in one place and helps you save time.   

Aindrisha Mitra Published Sep 18, 2020 18:04:26 IST
You Forgot Where You Kept The House Keys? A Holder Can Help You    Photo: Shutterstock

Are you someone who leaves their keys here and there and then turns the house upside down to find them? A key holder can spare you the trouble—you can keep all the important keys in one place.

It’s a time-saver too. Next time when you are running late for a meeting, you don’t have to curse yourself for not remembering where you kept the car keys. Most holders let you hang at least four-six keys, regardless of their size.    

Besides being extremely functional, a handcrafted and colourful key holder can work as a wall décor item too. When placed at the entrance of your home, it will grab the attention of anyone who is visiting you. Some holders also offer additional space where you can keep either tiny potted plants or a showpiece. Although called key holders, you can also use them to hang your scarves and mufflers.    

Here are some interesting key holders you can choose from: 

Animal-shaped holders: If you are an animal lover and want to have a key holder in the shape of your favourite animal, you will find no dearth of options. Elephant and squirrel to owl and pups, you can take your pick. 

Magnetic key holders: You don’t need to drill a hole in the wall to mount a magnetic key holder. It comes with an adhesive on the back and you just need to press it against the wall. Instead of traditional hooks, the keys are secured in a place by a powerful magnet. 

Switch board key holder: A space-saver, this key holder is an extension of the magnetic key holder. You can use this magnetic key holder on a switch board by simply replacing the screws on the board with the magnetic screws. Manufacturers claim that the magnet can hold heavy keys too. 

Birdhouse key holder: A classic choice, chances are that you have seen a key holder in the shape of a birdhouse in many homes. A popular option is the one where a sparrow holds the key. These key holders can be made of different kinds of material, such as wood or plastic. 

Key holder with shelf: This is a multipurpose holder as you get space to hang your keys and also keep other items on the shelf. Usually made of engineered wood, this holder-cum-shelf can hold mails or a decorative item or a small potted plant or even your phone. 




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