You Don't Have To Burn A Hole In Your Pocket To Take Care Of Your Shoes. Follow These DIY Tips

That pair of expensive formal shoes or your favourite sneakers can last longer if you take good care of them

Mohini Mehrotra Updated: May 13, 2020 21:26:34 IST
You Don't Have To Burn A Hole In Your Pocket To Take Care Of Your Shoes. Follow These DIY Tips Photo: Shutterstock

Your shoes take care of your feet, protecting them from heat, cold, rain, rough terrain and injuries. A good pair of shoes needs good care to last long. Here are some basic tips to help you keep your footwear in top shape, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Steer clear of the washing machine

No matter what your shoe label says, a washing machine is not a good place for your shoes, even if they are made of fabric. Hygiene factor aside, even if you run the machine on quick mode, the gentlest wash can dilute the glue that keeps your shoe together. Also, when water seeps into the soles of your sneakers, it can make them shrink and lose shape when they dry up.

Stick to manual washing and do it carefully. Dry brush your shoes first to get all dust and grime off. Then use a gentle detergent-water mixture and toothbrush to remove the stains and tough spots. To whiten the soles of your sneakers, use a toothpaste instead of a detergent. For suede shoes, avoid abrasive cleaners and sponge them very lightly with a shampoo formulated especially for suede. For leather shoes, use wipes or a leather cleaner and a soft cloth.

Store your shoes in a cool, dry place

Make sure your shoes are stored in a dark, cool and dry place and not under a window. Heat and constant light as well as moisture can damage your shoes. Also, clean your shoes well before putting them away in the storage unit, because dirt and stains if left unattended can leave permanent marks. Keep your shoe rack ventilated and clean it often to avoid shoe odour.

Your shoes deserve special care

Whether it’s a pair of leather sandals or suede shoes or sports sneakers, quality products that are specifically meant for your shoes can help you keep your prized pair in best shape. Invest in a good shoe care kit or buy individual shoe care products, like a good shoe polish, brush, shiners, wax and sprays, based on your need. Clean, wax and polish your shoes often so that they look as good as new.

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