You Are Never Out of Charge With These Power Banks

Power banks are an essential accessory for those who are always on the move

V. Kumara Swamy Published Sep 7, 2020 20:30:04 IST
You Are Never Out of Charge With These Power Banks Photo: Shutterstock

It is always comforting to have back-up power with you in case your smartphone needs it. As we use our mobile phones more than ever before, it needs to be plugged to a power source more often. However, a charging point may not be available all the time, especially when you are travelling. A fully-charged power bank in your bag means you can fish it out anytime and replenish your phone battery. 

Make the choice

What do you need in a power bank? It needs to be small, easy to carry, long-lasting and should charge fast. If you have these things in a power bank, it can be an important accessory that you can always have by your side.

Power banks primarily cater to mobile phones, but many come with multiple ports through which you can charge your fitness bands, smart watches, wireless headphones and speakers.

Besides looks, you should also check if the power bank is compatible with your smartphones, tablets and other devices. You can also go for the ones which have dual USB output ports, allowing you to charge two devices in one go. 

Less or more power? 

As for the capacity, you can get power banks from 2,000 mAH (milliampere hour) to even 50,000 mAh, but your choice should be determined by the type of devices you use, the need, and, of course, your budget.

Wireless phone chargers are also gaining popularity. You just place the phone on top of these chargers and they get powered. Of course, you need phones that can get charged this way! But wireless chargers are uber-stylish.

Besides charging your power banks regularly, it would help if you can avoid exposing them to heat and humidity. Another precaution: avoid using your phone when it is connected to the power bank. 

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