Why Struggle With Dog-Eared Pages When You Can Use A Bookmark

A bookmark adds to your reading experience. Some quirky ones can cheer you up as well

Aindrisha Mitra Published Sep 2, 2020 16:27:44 IST
Why Struggle With Dog-Eared Pages When You Can Use A Bookmark Photo: Shutterstock

Are you a big-time bookworm? If your bookshelf is stacked with dog-eared books, consider switching to bookmarks. From marking important pages in your study material to helping you pick up reading from where you left last time, a bookmark can make your reading experience easy.

While there is no exact record for earliest use of a bookmark, it is believed that bookmarks started becoming popular during the medieval period. According to the article ‘On the history of the bookmark’ by International Friends of Bookmarks, Queen Elizabeth was presented a silk bookmark in 1584 by Christopher Baker “who had acquired a very profitable patent as Queen’s Printer in 1577”, which gave him the sole rights to print the Bible, the Book of Common Prayer and all proclamations.

In the London of 1830s, bookmarks made of perforated board, cut in a rectangular shape, were gaining currency. It was not until the 19th century when rectangular, paper bookmarks—the ones that are in use to date—started becoming popular.

Types of bookmarks

A bookmark can be made of thick paper, cardboard, leather or even fabric. You may even find silver and silk bookmarks with collectors. A bookmark can be something as simple as a ribbon sewn into the binding. You can also opt for a bookmark made of recyclable paper.

Here we list three ways in which a bookmark can be your reading companion:

1. Besides leading you to your desirable page or chapter in one go, it also makes the task of re-reading fairly simple and hassle-free.

2. If you have borrowed a book from the library or a friend, it needs some special attention and you don’t want to dog-ear the pages. With bookmarks, you can read at ease.

3. Bookmarks come in a range of shapes and designs. A bookmark works as a souvenir too and can be gifted to a friend. One with a quote from your friend’s favourite book can cheer them up. 

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