Whip Cream Or Beat Eggs With Ease Using A Whisk

This multipurpose kitchen appliance is a must-have

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Aug 3, 2020 22:26:11 IST
Whip Cream Or Beat Eggs With Ease Using A Whisk Photo: pxfuel.com

Whether you want to beat your eggs for a cake or get some frothy milk for your coffee, a whisk is a must-have kitchen appliance. Whisks have a narrow handle, usually made of plastic or stainless steel, and wire loops that are joined to the handle. If you want to get an airy egg batter for your cake, a whisk will most certainly do that for you. 

Factors to consider

Go for stainless-steel whisks which are largely resistant to corrosion. For use on non-stick cookware, select a whisk with a silicone coating or one made of plastic.

Avoid whisks which have long and heavy metal handles because you will struggle to work with them while whipping or beating your mixture. Before making a purchase, it is advisable to hold the whisk and run it the way you would in the kitchen to figure out if it has a comfortable grip.

Choose your whisk wisely

Different whisks can be used for different tasks. The most-common whisks, called balloon whisks, have a bulbous end and are particularly good at whipping cream and beating egg whites.

French whisks have relatively thin frames and thicker wires, which make them ideal for working with thick mixtures. Because of their elliptical shape, they can reach the corners of pots and pans and scrape the mixture out. You can use these whisks for mixing the ingredients for a sauce or to prepare a rich batter for pancakes.

If you are planning to make bread at home, dough whisks will come in handy. They are designed for mixing the dough for breads, waffles, muffins and brownies.

Hand whisk or electric beater

While hand whisks are cost-effective and more commonly used, electric beaters do the job faster without making you sweat it out in the kitchen. Most of them are multipurpose too—you can use them for beating eggs, kneading dough and blending ingredients.

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