Wear A Smartwatch To Keep Track Of Your Life And Fitness

These watches are not just about making a style statement. They are truly smart when it comes to functionality

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Jul 10, 2020 19:25:58 IST
Wear A Smartwatch To Keep Track Of Your Life And Fitness Photo: Shutterstock

Long gone are the days when people wore wristwatches to frequently check time or simply make a fashion statement. We are in the era of smartwatches. Ever since the turn of the last decade, companies have ramped up efforts to develop an efficient technology to build watches with smartphone features.

Smartwatches, as the name suggests, come with a touchscreen interface and offer access to numerous useful apps to aid you in your daily activities. They also come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Design and display

These watches are built with high-grade plastic or silicone. They come with an electronic visual display, either with a backlit LCD or an OLED screen that consumes less power. They are powered by lithium-ion batteries that provide you a pretty steady power backup.

Features to consider

Smartwatches have an inbuilt calendar and an alarm to notify important dates or time for your daily activities. You can even receive calls, texts and social media notifications, or play music and videos, without using your phone.

Fitness buddy

One of the core features of a smartwatch is the fitness tracker, which makes it your ideal companion while running, walking or cycling. Optimized with sensors, it can also record medical information such as your heart and pulse rates or the number of hours you have slept.

Travel gadget

A smartwatch also makes for an excellent travel-and-trek accessory with its GPS navigation system helping you with maps and directions, should you get lost or are stranded somewhere.

Operating system

The watches are available both in Apple WatchOS and WearOS (former Android wear) models. They can be paired with iPhones and Android phones, respectively. Smartwatches with fitness trackers also come with a Fitbit OS system, powered by Google.

Pro tip: You may want to choose a waterproof and sweat-resistant smartwatch  for outdoor activities like swimming and even while hitting the gym.

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