Want Your Living Room To Grab More Eyes? A Wall Mirror Can Do The Trick

Mirrors can make your room appear more spacious and well-lit

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Jul 25, 2020 00:17:51 IST
Want Your Living Room To Grab More Eyes? A Wall Mirror Can Do The Trick Wall mirrors decorate your room like nothing else can. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Mirrors, whether placed near the entrance of your house, a hallway or your bedroom, are likely to capture the attention of guests. Mirrors serve a range of functions: from allowing you to fix your appearance to making a cramped space look more spacious. As they reflect light, they can also brighten up a room manifold. Wall mirrors also artfully hide the imperfections in your room.  

Choose the right shape

The shape of the mirror is as important as the wall or the space it adorns. But before you decide which mirror to place where, it is important to know the effect mirrors of different shapes have on your perception of a space:

1. A long, horizontal mirror serves to highlight the width of what you see on the mirror, while a vertical mirror will draw your attention to the height of the space.

2. Angular mirrors such as rectangular and square ones can neatly frame and restrain your field of view.

3. If you are looking to lend your space a certain degree of softness, a curved or round mirror can be a good option.

4. Do not be afraid to experiment with other shapes—a star-shaped or a diamond-shaped mirror can lend a modern touch to your space.

Pick the correct material

Mirrors with brass frames are a traditional choice. Plastic frames, however, are shatterproof and low on maintenance. For a more vintage look, you could go for a mirror with a wooden frame. Opt for copper- and lead-free mirrors if environment-friendly options are on your mind.

Tip: Be aware of how much space (on the wall) the mirror will occupy. Also, check the height at which you wish to hang the mirror. Ideally, in spaces like the dining room, it should remain at your eye level.

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