Want To Get That Perfect Shot? Consider Investing In A Sturdy Tripod

Whether an amateur or a professional photographer, you can find a tripod that meets your requirements

V. Kumara Swamy Published Sep 23, 2020 17:25:23 IST
Want To Get That Perfect Shot? Consider Investing In A Sturdy Tripod Photo: Shutterstock

The world of cameras has undergone revolutionary changes, but an accessory that has remained constant for photographers is the humble tripod stand.

Tripods have also evolved over time and you can find a variety of them at online as well as brick-and-mortar stores. Here, we look at different types of tripods that can help you click those perfect pictures from your camera. 


With a stable and sturdy tripod for your digital camera, you can worry about other things that really matter for a good picture, like light, angle, panning shots etc.

If yours is a light camera or a smartphone, you can go for a lighter tripod that is easy to carry and can be assembled in no time. But if you carrying heavy camera equipment, then you may have to opt for tripods that are sturdy and can withstand the weight. Some tripod systems do not come with the head and you have to purchase it separately. 


If you are looking for a simple tripod, a compact tabletop tripod should suffice. Available in a range of sizes, usually the head and legs are attached in these tripods. They are not very tall, but are stable on most surfaces. They are particularly ideal for amateur photographers.

Professionals, however, prefer modular tripod systems as they can be customized according to individual needs. They come with detachable heads and sturdy legs. The parts can either come in a kit or you can assemble them separately. You can get tripods with rubber feet as well as metal spikes. 

The head 

The head of the tripod should be able to tilt vertically as well as horizontally. At the same time, it should be strong enough to secure your camera. 


This an important deciding factor, more so if you are an amateur photographer who is not willing to spend much on a tripod. Zero in on a tripod that not only meets your budget requirement but also ticks the other boxes like stability, load-bearing capacity and versatility.

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