Top Load Or Front Load? Here Is How You Can Choose The Right Washing Machine For Your Family

Weigh these pros and cons before purchasing a washing machine for your home

Mohini Mehrotra Updated: Jun 24, 2020 20:06:46 IST
Top Load Or Front Load? Here Is How You Can Choose The Right Washing Machine For Your Family Photo: Shutterstock

While opinion may be divided on whether a top load is better or a front load, here are some pointers that will help you make a clear choice when buying a washing machine for your family.

Top load

What works for them: Since you don’t have to bend over to load and unload clothes, top load washing machines are easier to use and especially good for buyers who are elderly or for those with bone and joint issues.

Another huge plus with a top loader is that in case you have forgotten to put a clothing item in, you can always do so mid-cycle. You can’t do that with a front load washing machine because opening the door mid-cycle could lead to spillage or clothes tumbling out.

Another reason why they are a mass favourite in a price-sensitive market is because they are relatively cheaper compared to front-load washing machines.

What doesn’t work for them: A top load washing machine can be rougher on your clothes as compared to a front-loading machine, especially if the basket is overloaded. A top loader uses more electricity and more water, which makes it less energy efficient as compared to a front load washing machine.

Front load

What works for them: Front load machines pack more wash features to accommodate all types of fabrics and soil levels. Unlike top loaders, they have no agitators in the centre, so you can place more clothes in the machine, which means you can wash more items in one round, saving you time, detergent, water and electricity.

The tumble wash causes less wear and tear of fabrics. Also, because of their advanced motors and suspension systems, they don’t make as much as noise as top loaders.

What doesn’t work for them: Unless it comes with a pause button (which is a more expensive option), front load washing machine doesn’t allow you the option of adding clothes mid-cycle or right after you load and start it.

However, one of its biggest drawback is that over a period of time, mould and mildew starts getting built up around the door’s rubber gasket, and as a result, the door starts jamming. So, unlike a top loader, this machine requires more maintenance and care.

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