Three Things You Should Know Before Buying Oven Mitts

Cooking and baking involve handling super-hot dishes, but mitts can protect your hands

V. Kumara Swamy Published Oct 28, 2020 21:24:51 IST
Three Things You Should Know Before Buying Oven Mitts Photo: Shutterstock

If you are a regular baker, one of the first things you pull out of the drawer before doing anything is an oven mitt. It protects your hands from getting burnt while handling hot, steamy dishes, fresh out of the oven.

Despite knowing how important oven mitts are, you rarely give any thought before choosing one for yourself. Here are three things you should know before you buy an oven mitt: 

1. Material: What material your mitt is made of is important as it determines how much heat it can resist. For instance, cotton gloves, the most common and widely available choice, are easy to wear and clean, but may not be an ideal choice for someone who is handling high temperatures.

Rubber and silicone mitts do a better job of protecting your hands from extreme heat. Rubber mitts, however, do not score high when it comes to comfort. Mitts made of silicone can withstand high temperatures (higher than rubber), are durable and offer a sturdy grip as well.

2. Single or a pair? More often than not, people buy a single mitt thinking it would be enough to take out dishes from the oven. But having a pair is always better as you can lift heavier dishes easily. Also, opt for mitts that cover not just your hands but also your wrists—this is especially useful if you have to reach deep inside an oven to place or take out a baking dish.

3. Quality: Once you buy a mitt, it is likely to be a part of your kitchen for a few seasons. So, always lean on the side of quality even if it comes at a bit of a cost.


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