Think Mayo For Mouth-Watering Dishes

From breads to salads, you can never have enough of this wonderful condiment

Aindrisha Mitra Published Jun 25, 2020 20:45:41 IST
Think Mayo For Mouth-Watering Dishes Photo: Shutterstock

Think of mayonnaise, and the image of a white and creamy condiment pops up in your mind. A breakfast essential in many Indian homes now, mayonnaise or mayo can be used in a variety of preparations, from sandwiches to rolls and wraps. Made with oil, egg yolk and vinegar, it has a distinct sweet-salty flavour and goes well as a dip with nachos, fish fry or even chips. These days, you will find many eggless mayo varieties as well.

The debate on origins

There has been much debate on who should be credited for making mayo a popular condiment, the French or the Spanish. Many believe mayonnaise is derived from the French word ‘moyeu’ which means yolk of an egg. Britannica offers some another explanation. “The French chef Antonin Carème thought that it (is) derived from the verb manier, meaning “to stir,”” it says.

David Merritt Johns traces the history of condiment in an article for SLATE and writes: “One origin story, repeated in countless secondary sources, holds that the condiment was born in 1756 after French forces under the command of Duke de Richelieu laid siege to Port Mahon, on the Mediterranean island of Minorca, now a part of Spain, in the first European battle of the Seven Years’ War. The Duke’s chef, upon finding the island lacked the cream he needed for a righteous victory sauce, invented an egg and oil dressing dubbed mahonnaise for its place of birth.” 

Spoilt for choice

If you thought that mayonnaise comes only in its regular version, you might be in for a surprise. Infused with flavours as diverse as cucumber, mustard, garlic or mint, you can choose from a range of options.  

A versatile condiment

You can use mayonnaise in countless number of ways. You can prepare your own dip for sticks and munchies using mayonnaise. Make a paste of garlic and green chillies. In another bowl, add hung curd, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, and herbs like oregano. Add the chilli-garlic paste to this mix and stir them well.

If you are tired of having that bland chapatti every day in your lunch, a dollop of mayo can elevate the flavours. And if you are the indulgent kind, you can also add a bit of mayo to your pizza and pasta to take it to the next level.  

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