The Right Wallet Declutters Your Life And Helps You Leave A Positive First Impression

Look for a wallet that marries style and substance and gives you ample storage space

Aindrisha Mitra Published Jul 7, 2020 21:37:10 IST
The Right Wallet Declutters Your Life And Helps You Leave A Positive First Impression Photo: Shutterstock

When it comes to making a positive first impression on people, don’t rely just on your personality, looks or attire. Investing in something as basic as an efficient wallet can make a world of difference.  

After all, a simple glance at the condition of a wallet can provide a glimpse into a man’s personality—a sleek, well-organized, multipurpose, efficient wallet is likely to leave a better first impression on people than a disorderly, heavily-stuffed one that’s about to come apart.  

Wallets have always been used to store more than just money. From photographs, gifts and coupons and business cards to keys and other miscellaneous items, wallets turn out to be a unique storage area.

Pick the right size

Go for a lightweight and sleek wallet which can save you from having to scour through your pockets frequently. You could opt for a small- or medium-sized wallet as they fit snugly and comfortably in your pockets. A medium-sized wallet will also suit your needs while travelling.  

Choose the right fabric

Most wallets are available in both naturally-made and vintage leather varieties—and both are good for daily use. There are other options you can choose from, too: cotton, polyester and other synthetic materials.

Design and compartments

You could choose between wallets with  two or three compartments. They can store both cash and credit/debit cards in separate slots which minimizes damage and the risk of the cards falling off.

Some multi-compartment wallets also have separate space to keep coins while some others have slots for cards and passes.

Pro tip: If you are worried about your credit- and debit-card details and other sensitive information being potentially stolen as you pass through a scanner, you can opt for wallets  which come equipped with anti-RFID (anti radio frequency identification reader) technology to prevent the contents of your wallet from being leaked.

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