Store Your Medicines With These User-Friendly Organizers

Mark yourself safe by securing meds in these handy containers, bags or cases at home

Aindrisha Mitra Published Jun 14, 2020 00:00:00 IST
Store Your Medicines With These User-Friendly Organizers Photo: Shutterstock

Medicines are one of the absolute essentials in any household. So, when it comes to storing these life-savers, you must be aware of the conditions under which they are preserved better.

Most people keep their medicines in places like dresser drawers, closets or cabinets. However, others prefer storing medicines in places like bathroom cabinets too, which runs the risk of the medicines being damaged from constant exposure to heat and moisture.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind while storing your meds:

Store in a cool, dry place

Keep your medicines away from heat, light and air as much as possible. Make sure you keep pills and capsules away from hot appliances, as they are likely to become ineffective much before their date of expiry.

Ensure that you keep them away from moisture too, to prevent chemical reactions that may cause unforeseen irritations.

Keep in original containers

Remove cotton from medicine bottles as it retains humidity to a great extent.  Follow the specific guidelines listed at the back of the medicine to know exactly how the drug can be correctly stored.

Place them in holders, columns or racks based on the shape and design of the container. Don’t forget to put back the lid of the container or close the zip in case you are using bags to keep them.

Get rid of old, unused stock

You should ensure that all old medicines are replaced with new ones lest you fall sick on consuming it accidentally. Clear out the stock of medicine that has remained unused for a long time.

Avoid taking any medicine if it has changed its colour, texture or smell even if it may not have expired. Don’t consume those pills that stick together or have broken into pieces.

Be careful of medicines for allergies

Store your medicines for allergies with special care. Make sure you don’t mix one for the other as that may lead to inflammation or poisoning.

There are also certain health-based products like vitamins, eye drops, lotions and sanitizers that must be stored properly and used safely as they may come with side effects.

Keep medicines away from kids

Children tend to try and taste medicines out of curiosity. Make sure you keep your medicines at a place that is out of their direct reach. You may also want to use a child lock for extra protection.

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