Snooze Well With These All-Purpose Pillows

Soft and squishy, the right pillow not only gives you much-needed Zs, it can also help correct your deep-sleep posture

Aindrisha Mitra Published Jul 3, 2020 14:39:29 IST
Snooze Well With These All-Purpose Pillows Photo courtesy: Pxfuel

After a long and tiring day, nothing feels more comforting than sinking into a soft, comforting pillow to destress, start a marathon reading session or simply plonk over your head for a good night’s sleep.

For the most restful sleep, however, just any pillow won’t fit the bill. For a quality recharge, you could use a square- or a rectangular-shaped pillow made of graded materials that contour your head, neck and back and provides support by adjusting itself to your body posture and its movements.

If your body is not well-aligned from the lower half—your knees and hips—up to your spine, chest, neck and shoulders, chances are you are using a wrong pillow that cannot hold your body’s framework properly. The wrong pillow can lead to various health issues like body ache, neck and back pain, headaches, improper rest and sleep deprivation—which affects mood, memory and thinking skills—and even aggravate airway difficulties and heartburn. 

Replace timely

A worn-out pillow disrupts your sleep pattern as it changes shape and deflates over time, failing to offer optimum grip and coverage to the upper part of your body. Old pillows also collect dead skin cells and pathogens such as parasites, fungus and mould that can lead to allergies and even breathlessness if not corrected in due time. As a rule, change your pillow once in 18 months depending upon the type of filling material inside it.

Check the insides

Pillows made with memory foam are much preferred because it adjusts according to your body weight and spreads it evenly across its surface. However, it retains heat which can lead to some discomfort. Go for natural, breathable materials like cotton and linen which are well-suited for sound sleeping and also go easy on your skin without causing any irritation or uneasiness.

Choose the right fit

To pick the right pillow, you need know your go-to sleeping position. Matching your sleep posture to your pillow means you will wake up without any kind of pain, stiffness or dizziness due to improper rest.

If you are a side sleeper, you might need a thicker and a firmer pillow that can fill the space between ears and shoulders completely. If you need to shift occasionally and use your pillow under your stomach and pelvis, you need an extra soft one to prevent cramps or back pain. In case you mostly sleep on your back, flatter pillows are suitable for you to keep your head and neck aligned.

Pick a suitable fabric

Cover your pillows with natural, breathable fabrics instead of synthetic ones for better sleep regulation. The pillow covers also protect against sweat and stains and increase the shelf-life of the pillow itself.

Try plain white pillows or ones with softer tones that can be more soothing and relaxing allowing for a calmer, more comforted mind and, hence, deeper rest. Bold solids and patterned covers might be more suitable as accents for your bedroom décor.



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