Shut The Privacy-Stealers Out

With simple shutters on your webcam, you decide when you want to be seen or not seen

V. Kumara Swamy Updated: Sep 4, 2020 19:58:43 IST
Shut The Privacy-Stealers Out Photo: Shutterstock

We all worry about the security and privacy of our personal information and data. And as we increase our footprints in the virtual world, we are forced to surrender our privacy—sometimes knowingly, and sometimes unknowingly—to the millions of collectors out there.

Hackers can take control of your webcam on your laptop or phone without your knowledge and spy on you remotely. A scary prospect! And that’s not all. Some online interactive platforms turn on the camera for any incoming video call, almost forcing you to be on-camera when you may not want to be. 

The solution

Enter webcam shutters. These shutters cover your webcams when you are not using them. That way, they give you peace of mind as you know you cannot be spied through your webcams.

Many of these shutters protect your smartphone camera lens from scratches. Several manufacturers also claim that they use environment-friendly and non-toxic materials for webcam shutters.

From simple stickers to thin sliding covers, they can be made of plastic or aluminium alloy. Most of these shutters will not affect the normal functioning of your laptops or mobile phones. But when selecting, you should choose shutters that have quality glue and can be operated smoothly. Read the product details carefully to figure out if the webcam shutter you have chosen works on the laptop brand you use.

You can be assured that with these shutters on, you can operate your laptops and phones with little fear of any digital peeping tom watching you without your knowledge. 

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