Show Your Feet Some Love And Support While At Work

A footrest with an ergonomic design can also help you work better

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Sep 4, 2020 13:25:55 IST
Show Your Feet Some Love And Support While At Work Photo: Shutterstock

Sitting on a desk or a study table for hours can be quite challenging and may lead to pain in lower back besides discomfort in legs and feet.

While an ergonomic chair and a standing desk are sure to improve your posture at work, an ergonomic footrest will provide your feet optimum support and help them relax.

Footrest has become a part of efficient workspaces. It’s no longer just a stool that you pull next to your sofa to prop up your feet at home—though, you can always do that.

Why you need these footrests

Ergonomic footrests are designed to give your feet a cushion even as you work long hours. If your feet don’t reach the ground while you are on your chair, you probably need a footrest to ensure you don’t aggravate the pain you have in your lower back region. “When your feet are hanging, pressure builds up quickly on the underside of the thigh, compressing nerves and blood vessels,” Laura Punnett, biomedical engineering professor, University of Massachusetts Lowell, tells Wirecutter.  

With your feet amply supported by a footrest, you are less likely to slouch on your chair, thereby putting less pressure on your spine. The rocking and tilting also allow you to add some movement to your sitting position. 

Things to look out for

Just like you weigh all the pros and cons while choosing a study table or chair, do the same when you want to invest in a footrest. Comfort should trump everything else, especially if you plan to use a footrest for long hours at work. Check for cushioning and how relaxed your feet feel when placed on the footrest.

It should have a good grip. If the footrest moves or glides every few minutes, know that it is not meant for you. Since you won’t be buying a footrest every two-three months, durability is another factor you should consider. Look for a surface that is easy to clean. One that is difficult to maintain will soon gather dust, making it more prone to wear and tear.

If you feel comfortable while working—think of good posture, lower risk of back pain, no feet dangling from the chair—you may find that you are more productive. 

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